Let’s go 2019!

I writed my first blog post and published it week ago, first day of 2019 and I was already started studying. I got the university books from my friend who was an exchange student in Korea, so I started studying immediately with the new books. I have so much to write about and I’m enjoying to write this blog, so let’s talk about my study schedule and something about my books! Let’s go 가자~

My week

  • Monday 월요일 new year!
  • Tuesday 화요일 started with the new books
  • Wednesday 수요일 4 hours of studying
  • Thursday 목요일 4 hours of studying
  • Friday 금요일 2 hours of studying
  • Saturday 토요일 2 hours of studying (TOPIK practice)
  • Sunday 일요일 rest day, blog day

New books 새로운 책

“1B is for Korean language students who have studied Sogang Korean 1A or 75-100 hours of Korean”

The start of the study book feels good! After I finished chapter 1 I think it was good recap what I already have been studying and the work book and supplementary book are great addition for it! I will continue studying these books for now while preparing for TOPIK with old test papers! I already started “Real-Life Korean Conversations: Intermediate” last year but I was so busy with life and it started to get pretty hard, so now it’s good time to start 2019 with these new university books to get prepared for TOPIK.

More books and ways to study

I have 14 books, old exams and few notebooks 9 of these books are study books and I have finished 6 of them. With my experience of studying I recommend Talk to me in Korean for everybody who wants to start self studying, they have great books and lots of information so check them out! Friends and pen pals are great way to learn language, it has been super helpful for me to know someone from Korea. Living or visiting the country will be great way to start making new friends and understand the culture and the language, that’s why I want to travel more and also go for an exchange student or apply to the school in Korea. There are many great language exchange sites or phone apps to start making new friends. I have used HelloTalk for over 700 days (these days I’m not using it that much anymore) and made few really great friends from there. But you have to get used to it that most of the people just comes and goes.


After my christmas vacation I did the practice exam of TOPIK and finished it with score of 114 you need 80 points to pass the exam and 140 points to get level 2 there is also TOPIK 2 exam, which includes the rest levels from 3 to 6 but I’m not ready for that yet, I could try it but it will be too much of pressure for me, so I’ll leave it for the future. Listening part seems easier for me I think it comes because of listening so much of Korean tv, music and my friends talking. Next step is to get better with understanding the reading. I always felt that my reading is better than listening, but I keep getting better points from listening part.

냉장고를 부탁해

Few years ago, my friend did tell me about this television show 냉장고를 부탁해 Please Take Care of My Refrigerator It is really fun cooking show and I recommend it for everyone! Format of the show is to cook food from guests refrigerators which they bring to the studio. The competing chefs have 15 minutes to cook something, using ingredients from the guests refrigerators. This week I watched episode 159 show had a special guest Gordon Ramsay!

Thank you for reading!