Round three: fight!

Hello it’s my birthday and third week of writing this blog, this week has been busy and hectic but I kept going and finished second chapter of my study book. This weeks study has been about shopping, using numbers and a lot of pronounce practicing. I read one page every day and tried to pronounce as good as I can.

Next couple of weeks (months?) will be super busy, so I think I need to re think my schedules, so that I can manage to do my work and also study Korean. But it’s ok, I like to be busy and keep going with things what I like.

Let’s start this weeks blog post! 가자~

My week

  • Monday 월요일 Korea class starts
  • Tuesday 화요일 2 hours of studying
  • Wednesday 수요일 3 hours of studying
  • Thursday 목요일 1 hours of studying
  • Friday 금요일 TOPIK practice + blog
  • Saturday 토요일 rest day
  • Sunday 일요일 blog day + TOPIK practice

Questions of TOPIK

Most of my mistakes comes when I just don’t remember the questions correctly. So now I use my blog to write these questions down and translate them, so I can use this blogging time useful for TOPIK studying and keep remembering the questions.

듣기 Listening
  • 다음을 듣고 <보기>와 같이 물음에 맞는 대답을 고르십시오. Listen the following and choose the right answer as in example.
  • 다음을 듣고 <보기>와 같이 이어지는 말을 고르십시오. Listen the following and select the following words as in example.
  • 다음은 무엇에 대해 말하고 있습니까? <보기>와 같이 알맞은 것을 고르십시오. What is this conversation about? Choose the right answer, as in the example.
  • 다음 대화를 듣고 알맞은 그림을 고르십시오. Listen to the next conversation and pick the right picture.
  • 다음을 듣고 <보기>와 같이 대화 내용과 같은 것을 고르십시오.
    Listen to the following and choose the same thing as the conversation.
  • 다음을 듣고 물음에 답하십시오 = Listen to the following and choose the correct answer.
읽기 Reading
  • 무엇에 대한 이야기입니까? <보기>와 같이 알맞은 것을 고르십시오. What’s the story about, choose the right answer, as in the example.
  • <보기>와 같이 ( )에 들어갈 가장 알맞은 것을 고르십시오. Choose the right one that fits into () as in example.
  • 다음을 읽고 맞지 (않는) 것을 고르십시오. Read the following and choose the inappropriate word.
  • 다음의 내용과 같은 것을 고르십시오. Choose the answer that has the same content as the following.
  • 다음을 읽고 중심 생각을 고르십시오. Read the following and select the central idea.
  • 다음을 읽고 물음에 답하십시오. Read the following and choose the correct answer.
  • 다음을 순서대로 맞게 나열한 것을 고르십시오. Choose the following in order.

헐~ Cool!

I got this book as a present from Korea, what a cute book! ㅋㅋ

I got this book from my friend as a gift from Korea, I didn’t have time for read it because I got it yesterday, but I have been browsing it and it seems fun way to learn, so I’m super thankful and happy! ㅋㅋ

Thank you for reading!