TEST DATE: May 18 2019! YES, application is here for TOPIK and next week I can send it. This week I did some TOPIK practice while continuing with my study books. I didn’t start new chapter this week because of work, but I still kept going with some studying. This blog post will be short because of busy schedule.

Let’s go 가자~

My week

  • Monday 월요일 Korea class
  • Tuesday 화요일 1 hours of studying
  • Wednesday 수요일 1 hours of studying
  • Thursday 목요일 day off
  • Friday 금요일 day off
  • Saturday 토요일 2 hours of studying + blog day
  • Sunday 일요일 blog day + TOPIK practice

Week 4

This week started with pretty ok amount of study, monday I had Korean class where we did study about how to talk about our hobbies and interests in Korean, rest of the week I was doing some reading and writing with little bit of TOPIK practice.

Watching drama is also a good way to learn, so I should talk about that more, because I did watch 4 hours of drama this week (Korean dramas are 1 hour per episode) Maybe someday I’ll add some reviews too, because I love Korean dramas!

Application of TOPIK

Application has some basic questions about you and you have to include your passport or id pictures in the application. There is question about your name “legal name in English” and another section is in Korean, I know my Korean name, so I just write 떼무 후투넨 in the name section which is my full name in Korean, there is another ways to write my name, but I like this one and I will continue using it. Here is picture of the application form.

Korean Dramas

I have watched a lot of Korean dramas, I think it was 2013 when I started to watch kdramas. The first drama what I watched was
앙큼한 돌싱녀 Cunning Single Lady, next one was 포도밭 그 사나이 The Vineyard Man and after that 커피 프린스 1호점 Coffee Prince. I liked Coffee Prince a lot, I remember that I didn’t sleep when I was watching this drama.

I don’t want to talk about Korean dramas that much in this post because I want to make bigger post about it. But watching Korean TV is helpping me a lot to understand and keeps me listening Korean all the time.

Thank you for reading!