First handwriting and little bit of Cheeze

This week I found my FIRST ever Korean writings. I’m so happy that I was smart back then and kept it save, because now after 5 years? I’m starting to understand at least something. I also had nice time talking with my longtime Korean friend on Kakao call this weekend!

Competitive gaming was huge part of my life and it was something what I have done maybe more than anything else in my life, but I haven’t study anything in my life this diligently, so I’m really happy that I started studying and still keep fighting. Studying a language has been a challenge, joy and way to find new friends. I’m super happy to do what I do. (I’m actually smiling while writing this.)

So let’s start this happy little blog post of the week! (Bob Ross is amazing)


My week

  • Monday 월요일 Korea class
  • Tuesday 화요일 1 hour of study
  • Wednesday 수요일 day off
  • Thursday 목요일 1 hour of study
  • Friday 금요일 TOPIK practice
  • Saturday 토요일 1 hour of study
  • Sunday 일요일 blog day

First handwriting 2014

These pictures shows my FIRST attempt to write and start to learn hangul

It was evening, when I searched from internet “How to learn Korean” and this is what I did at that night. It is so funny to see this now, I can laugh to myself and be really happy that I saved this. I want to save this forever, maybe someday I’ll frame it and put it in the wall. Maybe I’m living in Korea then, who knows? Now I leave it to be and will read this blog post after 5 years has past.


This week I finished 3rd chapter and It was about visiting a doctor, telling about if you’re hurt or if you need medicine. I’m doing a recap of everything now, I did study basics alot back in 2017 when I was studying like crazy and got a lot of help from my friend. But now that I have my test coming and I don’t have that much of time because of work, so this is good for me to repeat the basics, because I’m really good at forgetting things.

I think I should start my 500 Korean word book again, I did study whole 500 pages long book at 2017 to remember the words. Some of the words I remember but there is so much things to remember, sometimes it get’s hard to remember everything but I try to not get distracted about it that much, because this is my hobby and something what I really enjoy to do, so I’m not in a hurry.

I just like to keep myself going with everything what is important to me. This is the way to keep myself happy and active, I can just relax and study some Korean here and there and that’s great!

Cheeze 치즈

I want to talk about my favorite singer from Korea. Her stage names are Cheeze(치즈) and Dalchong(달총). Cheeze is urban pop style singer and songwriter. I have been listening her music for many years now and I hope I can see a live concert someday. The atmosphere seems to be really great on the live show, she also includes some cover songs from another artists at the shows. Here is one video from Cheeze live concert. “어떻게 생각해”

She has made soundtrack for the new hit drama 남자친구 which is titled as “Encounter” in english (I don’t understand why, because the name in Korean is literally boyfriend). The drama is also really great and this week I will watch the last episodes of it.

Let’s end the post with the list of some of my favorite songs, go listen some Cheeze!

  • 어떨까 넌
  • See You Again
  • 어떻게 생각해
  • Everything to
  • Mood Indigo
  • The day we met 영화 같던 날 (Encounter OST)
  • 깊이 아래로

Thank you for reading!