Run Like Hell..

..has been the tempo of the week, while marching through this busy week. Working from monday to saturday but still managed to have time to study and write this blog. This week has been great and I feel like superman now.

This week I bought preparation course for TOPIK and did listening and reading preparations.

Let’s start this weekly blog! 가자~

My week

  • Monday 월요일 Korea class
  • Tuesday 화요일 1 hour of study (TOPIK)
  • Wednesday 수요일 1 hour of study (TOPIK)
  • Thursday 목요일 1 hour of study (TOPIK)
  • Friday 금요일 day off
  • Saturday 토요일 day off
  • Sunday 일요일 blog day + TOPIK


I purchased TOPIK I – Complete Preparation Course from Udemy! It has been really good preparation for the test! I will prepare with this few times before the test, it will be good.

This course includes good content about listening and reading with useful tips for the test, example how to prepare for the test and how to understand questions faster etc. I haven’t finished the course yet but when I finish it I will tell something about it in the blog.

How to start learning a language?

Starting to learn something new, might be hard or you just make it too hard for yourself. When I started to learn Korean I started with little things with the alphabet and I made it fun for myself.

I’m not studying Korean like it feels like a burden for me, it’s something what I enjoy. When I start something new I have to accept it, this will take time and I will be bad at it at the start.

At the start it feels like I’m putting pieces of puzzle in the wrong place for days, weeks even years but It doesn’t matter at all, because that’s the thing which keeps me going. When I feel I’m bad at something I wont stop until I’m putting the pieces in to the right place.

How to keep going?

This is good question and many people asks me about it, How to keep going with something what I want to do? It’s not easy, not at all but if you really want something, the way is to just keep going and make it interesting for you everyday.

If you start to lose your interest in the thing, maybe it’s not your thing or maybe you are just making it too hard for yourself.

Start doing, learn the best way for yourself and put effort in to it. Make it easy for yourself, give time for yourself and be kind for yourself.

Thank you for reading!