Less action, more study!

This week I started chapter 4 of my study book, chapter 4 has been about sports and hobbies. This week I also tried to read and pronounce everyday so I could start preparing for record some content for the blog(someday). Korea class we did study about home related words.

Let’s check the week! 가자~

Me writing a blog post

My week

  • Monday 월요일 Korea class, + reading
  • Tuesday 화요일 pronounce + reading
  • Wednesday 수요일 pronounce + reading
  • Thursday 목요일 reading
  • Friday 금요일 day off
  • Saturday 토요일 listening + writing
  • Sunday 일요일 blog day

Introduction letter

I did study about writing a introduction letters from the text book. I did listen the text and write it down myself, few mistakes here and there but It went okish. I had the text in Korean and in English, so I can correct my mistakes afterwards.

It is good way to learn writing, listening and understanding the grammar better, by just listening and writing what you hear. My understanding of the grammar is not that great, but understanding what I hear is getting better with exercises like this.


I did this pen writing practice because I haven’t been writing with a pen these days that much, so I think I’m getting little bit rusty. Here is text what I practiced this week and also few lyrics from 2017. Listening lyrics Is insanely hard, but If you have extra time and motivation you can do it also. I think it’s really great hearing exercise to write lyrics.

When I do this kind of an practice, I don’t write everything at once, I listen parts of the text or lyrics and try my best to get it correct before correcting anything.

Find your thing!

When I speak or write Korean, it always feels so nice, is this my meditation? yes and no but what I want to say with this is, when you found yourself asking “I want to do something new, I’m bored, this isn’t interesting anymore” try something new, it helps!

Study a language like me, I have always been searching some kind of an challenge for my life, what I could continue for ever. Now I have a challenge and a mission, what I really can continue for ever. I’m happy and proud to do what I do.

Drama of the week

New drama Touch Your Heart(진심이 닿다) started this month. I wanted to check this series because of Yoo In-na 유인나 and Lee Dong-wook 이동욱. They were at drama called Goblin(도깨비) which is one of my favorite dramas.

“The romance between a top actress who is on the downfall due to a scandal and a prickly lawyer.”(Wikipedia)

At the first episode of the drama it felt little bit too silly for me, but after few episodes It seems good and I really enjoy watching it now. If you like watching funny and silly style of Korean drama, this is series for you. The series is still going on TV and you can watch it Viki.com. Go watch some Korean dramas!

Thank you for reading!