Less study, more action!

This week has been one of the best weeks of my life. I didn’t have much of time or energy to study this week, because there was so many things happening. But this week I got so much more motivation.

Let’s go I’m ready! 가자~

My week

  • Monday 월요일 Korea class
  • Tuesday 화요일 KNU Meeting day
  • Wednesday 수요일 day off
  • Thursday 목요일 1 hour of study
  • Friday 금요일 day off
  • Saturday 토요일 day off + blog
  • Sunday 일요일 blog day

Kyungpook National University

Last friday I got to hear that Kyungpook National University will be visiting at my workplace and I could be part of the meeting. I was so happy and excited, so I started immediately preparing for it.

At last saturday I did a lots of pronounce practicing in Korean and also in english. My friend helped me on kakao call and I’m again so thankful and happy that I have such a great friend.

The meeting went really great, I was nervous but I had practiced my Korean introductions so many times that I’m sure to remember it forever.

I spoke about my work and also spoke from my heart how much I want to be studying in Korea and how much I’m interested in language and culture. Mostly I spoke in english but I added some Korean here and there, the meeting gave me a lots of more motivation to study, because it is so much fun to speak in Korean. I really need to start making some pronounce content for this blog, I really want to be better at speaking.

Thank you KNU!
정말 감사합니다 경북대학교 ~

I made this for my power point ending slide! ㅋㅋ

What’s next?

I got to be at the meeting with KNU, I got message about TOPIK exam that my application has been accepted and also I got a lot of Korean things from my friend who did moveㅜㅜ back to Korea, thank you so much! I think I will enjoy everything this for whole year.

This week has been full of everything about Korea, I love it! Now it’s time to keep myself calm and start preparing for the TOPIK exam which is in may.

Thank you so much.
Saturday was my day off so I invited my friends to have a dinner and we tried a lots of Korean spices

Thank you for reading!